11/20 Spotify Playlist: Season Finale

This might be the end, Husker football fans. Nebraska is 4-7 this season with a possibility of going 4-8 with their game against Iowa on Black Friday. That record would not be good for school to be bowl eligible, so this might be the final Husker football game of 2017. There is also speculation that this might be head football coach Mike Riley’s final game. Whether he stays or goes, this season has been underwhelming. This week’s playlist is dedicated to end.

  • “Bye Bye Bye” // *NSYNC
  • “In The End” // Linkin Park
    • “I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.”
  • “The Final Countdown” // Europe
  • “November Rain” // Guns N’ Roses
    • Kind of a coincidence the season is ending in November.
  • “Alright” // Kendrick Lamar
    • Even though this season was disappointing, “we gon’ be alright.”
  • “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” // Kelly Clarkson
    • What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
  • “Over Before It Began” // Joyce Manor
    • Nebraska’s chance of making the College Football Playoff took a hit in the Week 2 loss against Oregon, but the possibility officially died in the upset loss against Northern Illinois before conference play began.
  • “Where’d You Go” // Fort Minor featuring Holly Brook
    • Where are you, 1990s Nebraska football?
  • “Rest In Peace” // Yellowcard
  • “I Don’t Love You” // My Chemical Romance
    • Nebraska fans fell in love with Riley’s kindness, but that faded when the losses started stacking.
  • “Don’t Look Back In Anger” // Oasis
    • Even with the disappointing year, don’t look back and be angry. The season is almost over. Plus, Husker fans are supposed to stick together through all kinds of weather for dear old Nebraska U.
  • “Farewell” // Rihanna
  • “Goodbye to You” // Scandal