11/27 Spotify Playlist: Nebraska Originals II

As the Nebraska Cornhusker football team attempts to bring Nebraska native Scott Frost to be the new head coach, Seeds thought about musicians who call the state home. Included in this edition of “Nebraska Originals” are bands that were not included in our first playlist and new releases by artists previously included.

  • “Cops” // The Way Out (Ashland)
  • “Phase” // Salt Creek (Lincoln)
  • “Fatal Attraction” // FREAKABOUT (Lincoln)
  • “Haircut” // See Through Dresses (Omaha)
  • “Railroad Spikes” // Super Ghost (Omaha)
  • “King Me” // HAKIM (Lincoln)
  • “From Here to There” // The Ambulanters (Lincoln)
  • “Real/Genuine” // I Forgot to Love My Father (Lincoln)
  • “Shadow and Shade” // Centerpiece (Omaha)
  • “Back to the Future” // The Artichoke Hearts (Lincoln)
  • “Bowl of Oranges” // Bright Eyes (Omaha)
  • “Million Miles from Vegas” // Rothsteen (Omaha)
  • “I’m an Obtuse Man, So I’ll Try to Be Oblique” // The JV Allstars (Lincoln)
  • “Thumbs for a Reason” // Better Friend (Lincoln)
  • “The Day the Earth Took Pills” // Universe Contest (Lincoln)