Left to right: Sean Huber, Jake Ewald, Brendan Lukens, Ian Farmer

1/22 Spotify Playlist: Cold and Dead

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln starts off another school week without a snow day. Students will risk his or her life for participation grades. Just like the winter weather, those students will feel cold and dead inside. Here are some emo songs to go along with that feeling.

  • “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)” // Taking Back Sunday
  • “Your Deep Rest” // The Hotelier
  • “Seven” // Sunny Day Real Estate
  • “Don’t Hate Me” // The Get Up Kids
    • These are the words in the minds of the school board when they announced school was not canceled due to bad weather.
  • “Ohio Is for Lovers” // Hawthorne Heights
    • A classic emo anthem. Maybe it’s warmer and not snowing in Ohio right now.
  • “It’s Cold Out Here” // Modern Baseball
    • The title is self-explanatory.
  • “Third Engine” // Saves the Day
  • “Stay Warm” // Tiny Moving Parts
    • This also serves as advice. Stay warm out there.
  • “Never Meant” // American Football
  • “El Scorcho” // Weezer
  • “Understanding in a Car Crash” // Thursday
    • Drive slowly and give the road and other drivers full attention to avoid a car crash.
  • “Hands Down” // Dashboard Confessional
  • “Sweetness” // Jimmy Eat World