Opening ceremonies kick off eventful weekend celebrating anime

As a first time convention attendee, I was not sure what to expect from Anime NebrasKon. The Opening Ceremonies featured a packed and excited crowd to kick off the three-day convention.

Two emcees started the ceremony off by singing a song on stage with a bard joining them with a ukulele. In the tune, they joked about the antics of the weekend and not taking their nerdiness too seriously. After the song, the emcees introduced themselves, and what panels they would be hosting over the weekend.

The emcees began to introduce the convention’s special guests to thunderous applause. They read off their bios and the guests came out from backstage one by one. The crowd was pleased to see some of their favorite video game and anime voice actors in person. Some audience members attempted to give certain guests a standing ovation in their introduction.

After all of the special guests had been introduced, the emcees played a video depicting a ‘Earth Defense Force” going on adventures to protect the convention from a potential alien attack. The video itself was a bit long — going on for about 15  minutes — but it was overall impressive in its cinematography and effects.   

Once the video ended, the Opening Ceremonies were adjourned to kick off the various panels for the weekend. As the large crowd began to file out, a sense of pure excitement washed over attendees; Anime Nebraskon was officially here. The cheesy song, the pure joy of seeing the guests and the reference-filled action video were the perfect preview for this weekend-long celebration of all things animated.