Anime NebrasKon staff picks

The 14th annual Anime NebrasKon, one of the largest anime conventions in the Midwest, kicks off this weekend in Omaha. NebKon will feature screenings of fan-favorite shows, people cosplaying as iconic characters, workshops and panels to learn more about the background of particular anime, and even some video game tournaments. Here are some events that Seeds Entertainment staff are most excited to attend this weekend.

Friday Nov. 10

Dating Auction Afterhours (7 pm, Missouri) by Nick Kuklinski, staff writer

Now, hear me out. This sounds absolutely riveting. Dating, auctions, darkness? What more could a fella ask for on a Friday night? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Now as strange as a “dating auction” taking place “afterhours” in a room of a hotel might seem, I’m sure there won’t actually be anything “lewd” or “illegal” going on. However, if a story breaks on a sex trafficking ring at NebKon, you’re gonna hear all about it here first.

Furries! (9 pm, Omaha A) by Nick Kuklinski

Hell. Yes. You know a boy can’t wait to get down with the furries of the Omaha Metropolitan area this weekend. Now, being completely honest, I’m not up to date with all of my furry lore – it’s canon, if you will – so I have no idea what to expect other than adults with tails. Regardless, I’m psyched. If you end up finding your way to NebKon this weekend, make it to the Omaha A room at 9:00 if you want to see my uneducated jaw drop the floor for like an hour in sheer amazement.

Saturday Nov. 11

How to Enjoy a Con to the Fullest and Make New Friends  (1 pm, Comfort Inn A) by Kellie Wasikowski, The DailyER editor-in-chief

If this isn’t what the Con is actually all about, there is a panel to learn how to make new friends! What better way to learn how to approach your anime crush, or challenge your nemesis to a duel in the middle of the Kon than to actually practice it before making the move. I can’t wait to meet new people this weekend from all of my favorite shows and movies, and I will fully embrace the Kon once I’ve got my fangirl communication skills on lock.

Cowboy Bebop 1-5 (Dub) ( 11:25 am, Video Room 2) by Efren Cortez, Seeds Entertainment editor


Considered one of the best series anime has to offer, the first five episodes of the 1998 classic “Cowboy Bebop” will be shown at NebKon. Many anime fans prefer to watch anime with the original Japanese voice acting alongside subtitles, but some consider the English voice acting for the space western to be top-notch. I’ve tried watching the series on multiple occasions, but I get lazy and stop a few episodes in.  Hopefully seeing the first five episodes in a row will motivate me to finally finish the series, a goal I’ve set for myself in 2013. See you then, space cowboy.

Build A Gundam ( 4 pm, Comfort Inn A) by Efren Cortez

I haven’t watched too many anime, but “Gundam” caught my attention when I was 4 and I’ve been a fan since. The long running mecha series dates back to 1979 and is one of anime’s most iconic franchises. It’s been a lifelong dream to pilot my own Gundam, but technology isn’t there quite just yet. Getting to build my own, assuming it’s a Gunpla model, is still something I look forward to.

Funimation Industry Panel (4 pm, Omaha G) by Elsa Knight, staff writer

Funimation is one of the country’s largest anime distributors. Known for it’s well-made dubs, this panel claims to have the “latest news, info and announcements.” As someone who has watched Funimation’s dubs for years now, I can’t wait to hear what they have coming up. I also am so excited to meet some of my favorite voice actors, including Todd Haberkorn and Elizabeth Maxwell. It’s bound to be an interesting and wild panel for anime fans of all kinds.  

Cosplay contest (Saturday 7 pm, Omaha F) by Kellie Wasikowski

Coined as the main-event of the Con, the Cosplay Contest will be the pinnacle for many attendees who have spent the entire year working on their cosplay. For those of us who are not so devoted to cosplaying or are just beginning, this contest is sure to inspire after seeing the creative investment some people make into their costumes. I’m excited to see all of my favorite characters come to life, and maybe I’ll even ship myself with the most-impressionable hero on the runway.

Sunday Nov. 12

RWBY Community (1 pm, Omaha F) by Elsa Knight


This year, NebKon boasts having the four main actresses of the webseries “RWBY” as guests, and the show’s community has reacted appropriately, with fans from several states away planning their attendance. RT Nebraska, Nebraska’s Rooster Teeth Productions fan group, have been preparing for this weekend since the four actresses have been announced. There are several “RWBY” panels, signings and independent meetups planned for this weekend. As a member of this community myself, I can’t wait to gush and meet some of my favorite celebrities with like-minded fans.