Anime NebrasKon brings fantasy worlds to real life

Anime NebrasKon is an annual event started in 2004 by the Otaku Jinrui Anime Club at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that has grown over the 13 years to now host thousands of anime fans each November in Omaha. Anime conventions over the globe allow fans a place to gather, geek-out and gear up to bring their favorite fantasy worlds to real life. Seeds Entertainment will be at NebKon Nov. 10-12 at the Embassy Suites in Omaha to cover this anticipated event.

Give anime a try, you’ll find the twinkle in your eye

Last summer my wacky older brother moved in with me for five weeks. There was this one day that he pulled the living room chair all the way up to the television and watched this anime show like a statue while I was walking around him all day.

I watched an episode with him during the afternoon during which the main characters are working to advance through this mile-high prison called Trick Tower that hosts all sorts of international criminals with unusual convictions. Each of the heroes has to individually battle one of the prisoners in a test of physical and mental strength to continue forward to pass the Hunter exam.

I watched that one episode with my brother and forgot about it until one of my other friends was bagging on the show, Hunter X Hunter, for being childish. My bro defended it well, which finally lead me to check it out six months later to see what the word really was.

Into the first few episodes, there’s a pivotal interaction between the two main characters after they’ve just begun the annual exam, when they learn that they share the same young age, and little does the viewer know that they are about to embark together on the greatest testament to their strength and young lives.

This show revolves around two younger characters that have a beautifully crafted backstory that reveals why they are so godly and pure in their goals. Adventure genre shows are notorious for going from intense fight scenes to a triumphant victory or personal moment with no forewarning, and sometimes you can’t help but hold your anime-tears back!

The genre delves into the potential of different fantasy worlds where extreme settings like outerspace or inside of a videogame create dynamic characters that are funny and never lose their resolve for the goal they seek out. Intuition and similar noble qualities lead unyielding protagonists towards their heroic end goal through vast landscapes, and the style can depict time seriously slowed down or sped up to emphasize character development.

Animated shows keep you invested in the different worlds that are portrayed, and there is really a show for everyone. If you’re interested in crime and mystery shows, check out “Death Note,” a suspenseful anime following a destructive notebook that commands the world for some time. If you’re interested in sci-fi, “Cowboy Bebop” takes place in a futuristic space world and follows a group of bounty hunters around the galaxy. There are shows for people who like sports competitions and even cooking shows, and usually, the food looks pretty tasty.

I know most productions are based on the same manga series, okay? But even if this column seems weebie, you probably just haven’t found the right show yet to be interested. In a world where most of us kill our precious time on technology, why not at least use it to binge through hundreds of episodes of One Piece?

Maybe I’ll see you during my first year at NebKon!