Kuklinski: Furries, fine in my book

We all do weird stuff. You might go to the movies alone every once in awhile, talk to yourself, enjoy blink-182. Whatever the case, no one is free from criticism. That being said, wow. Wow oh wow was this panel something. Serving mostly as a catalyst for furry newcomers, the primary talking points focused around… Continue reading


Husker Saber Academy Presents: Lightsaber Training

This “Star Wars” themed workshop dedicated to the art of lightsaber wielding brought about 50 participants with an additional one hundred observers. Opening with a choreographed skit on stage, convention attendees watched in awe as the workshop leaders battled one another with the iconic sci-fi weapon. Workshop participants were taught stances and swings that would… Continue reading


Anime NebrasKon staff picks

The 14th annual Anime NebrasKon, one of the largest anime conventions in the Midwest, kicks off this weekend in Omaha. NebKon will feature screenings of fan-favorite shows, people cosplaying as iconic characters, workshops and panels to learn more about the background of particular anime, and even some video game tournaments. Here are some events that Seeds Entertainment staff… Continue reading


Gogol Bordello puts on a raucous worldwide show

Gogol Bordello, a globalist group consisting of members from six different countries and one U.S. territory, put on one of the most memorable shows of the year on Oct. 28 at the Bourbon Theatre. Glow sticks and balloons soared above the packed crowd before and during the set. Lead singer Eugene Hütz may be the… Continue reading


Lettuce brings the funk to Lincoln

On a quiet Sunday in Lincoln, Nebraska, prodigious modern funk band Lettuce rocked the Bourbon Theatre. Opening the show was RDGLDGRN (pronounced "red-gold-green), a three-man outfit out of Washington, D.C. Each member went by one of the three colors in their name and dressed correspondingly. Their traveling drummer, Snaxx, simply wore black but still tied… Continue reading


The Native Howl shows a roaring good time

The Native Howl rose to relative fame in 2016 after releasing their well-received EP, "Thrash Grass." The EP's mix of bluegrass instrumentation and the speed and intensity of thrash metal is sure to catch any listener's attention. They stopped at the Vega in Lincoln, Nebraska on Oct. 2nd on their first national tour. The first… Continue reading

pax west

PAX West showed strong display of upcoming games

2017 has been a very strong year for video games and October not only continues the streak, but strengthens it. With highly anticipated titles such as “The Evil Within 2,” “Super Mario Odyssey,” “Assassin’s Creed Origins” and “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” all being released, PAX (Penny Arcarde Expo) West 2017 gave gamers a sneak… Continue reading