Pitchfork post-view: Heading to Nebraska

Earlier this summer, Seeds Entertainment had the chance to attend Pitchfork Music Festival - a premier event in the Midwest for alternative rock, rap and electronic music scenes. Every year, Pitchfork's lineup seems handcrafted to compliment each genre, and this year was no exception. Check out some of these acts at Pitchfork that will be… Continue reading


Pitchfork Music Festival preview

Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago is the pinnacle to the independent music scene in the Midwest, and this year’s lineup seems to be hand crafted to pick artists that complement each other’s styles at the smaller, intimate festival. Seeds Entertainment will be there this weekend to follow the curation of artists as well as preview… Continue reading


Six Seconds of Fame: The rise and fall of Vine

On Oct. 27, Twitter announced that it will be shutting down their video app Vine. Twitter purchased Vine in 2012 and launched the app in 2013. Vine took over the Internet as the Twitter-equivalent of video, as users’ posts had a limit of six seconds. With Vine shutting down, many of its users were upset.… Continue reading

The hell of the north

There is something like it in every sport. An event so rich in history and tradition, that it eventually becomes a legend of its own. It might not be the most glamorous or even the most important, but it is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious. For many sports, the rivalry games represent this. But… Continue reading

craft spells justin

An Interview with Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros

Craft Spells is primarily the solo project of California-born musician Justin Vallesteros. “Idle Labor”, his first release under the moniker in 2011, was widely acclaimed for its dreamy pop sensibilities and exuberant lead single "After the Moment".   After touring behind their promising debut as well as releasing a follow-up EP entitled “Gallery”, Craft Spells… Continue reading


An Interview with Telepathy Problems’ Ryan McKeever

Seeds: Let’s start with you. Are you originally from Omaha? Ryan: I was born in Lincoln, but I moved to Omaha when I was five. I consider it my home much more than Lincoln. Seeds: And you’ve been a part of the Omaha music scene for how many years now? Ryan: I’ve been performing in Omaha since I was… Continue reading


Interstellar | Film Review

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.  At least that’s what Murphy’s Law, the oft quoted and somewhat clichéd phrase, suggests. But in “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s ambitious new space odyssey, Murphy’s law is revised to state that anything that can happen will happen, and in the case of this film, it’s true. When… Continue reading

White PPL

Dear White People | Film Review

Fresh from the Sundance Film Festival, director Justin Simien’s feature debut, “Dear White People,” details the diversity woes of fictional Ivy League institution Winchester University. The film intersects multiple storylines all culminating in a near disastrous riot over a racist party whose invitations encouraged their white guests to “unleash their inner Negro.” The main catalyst… Continue reading


‘Nightcrawler’ Shines Through Suspense

Nightcrawler is a beautifully shot look at one of the darker sides of the entertainment industry. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a titular nightcrawler, someone who records gritty crime, death and accidents for a local news station. Gyllenhaal turns in a brilliant, potentially Oscar-nomination-worthy, performance as an ambitious sociopath that will do almost anything to… Continue reading