Staff Picks – January

  TV Series | Archer By Patrick Wright Very few well established and popular TV shows completely flip major plot points around, but that’s exactly what happened on the new season of Archer, all because program creator Adam Reed got bored. No longer spies at ISIS, Archer and the crew turn to slightly less “legal”… Continue reading

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Seeds staff predicts Oscar winners

Contributing Seeds Staff members: Phillip Malzer, Matt Sueper, Allison Lee, Brenna Dittmer and Matt Knapp [title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]2014 Academy Awards Nominees (selected categories):[/title] Best Picture American Hustle; Nebraska; Captain Phillips; Philomena; Dallas Buyers Club; 12 Years a Slave; Gravity; The Wolf of Wall Street; Her Best Actor Christian Bale (American Hustle);… Continue reading


The Best of 2013

The staff of Seeds Entertainment voted on various categories, determining who did it best in 2013, both locally and nationally. [title size="1" style="options: default, sidebar"]Best National Artist[/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]KANYE WEST[/title] Kanye’s presence was unavoidable this year and love him or hate him, he was ubiquitous. Kanye’s personal life, dating a human US… Continue reading


Only God Forgives | Film Review

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Letter Grade: A+[/title] Review by Brent Scott Maze | Seeds Entertainment “The idea of a male fist is obviously a combination of sex and violence, but when you open it, it is about submission. I thought that, that movement was a movie. That was one idea that began the… Continue reading


Halloween Staff Picks

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Alien[/title] A wonderful horror movie to get your skin crawling underneath that revealing Halloween costume is Alien. Part science fiction AND part horror, this tale is about a spaceship crew going off the beaten path that is their route back home when a strange beacon is sent from a… Continue reading


Captain Phillips | Film Review

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Letter Grade: A[/title] By Miles Rothlisberger “Don’t worry, Captain. No one got hurt.” Those chilling words alone stick with the viewer long after watching the latest Tom Hanks movie, Captain Phillips, let alone the rest of the gripping and intense experience that deals with the terrors of modern-day pirating… Continue reading


Carrie 2013 Review

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"] Album Grade: D+[/title] Remaking a cult classic is a tall task. The true question that every filmmaker must consider when undertaking such an endeavor is whether to stay true to the original storyline or to deviate from it in order to create something new. Carrie, the remake of… Continue reading


Lorde | Pure Heroine | Review

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Album Grade: B[/title] Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, also known by her stage name Lorde, is making music that belies her age. Fresh onto the music scene at the age of 16 years old, Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine sounds incredibly mature for her age, yet still retains a youthful… Continue reading


Gravity | Film Review

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Letter Grade: B[/title] Space: the final frontier, a place that has always seems exploitative and yet so vast and unknown. It encapsulates us and yet we hardly know how to describe it. How can a place that is so empty and mysterious to most individuals also seem like a… Continue reading