12/4 Spotify Playlist: Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are plenty of songs to celebrate the holiday season ranging from centuries old hymns to mid-20th century classics to modern hits. It's impossible to include every great holiday song or every cover, but here are some to make dead week at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln feel… Continue reading


11/27 Spotify Playlist: Nebraska Originals II

As the Nebraska Cornhusker football team attempts to bring Nebraska native Scott Frost to be the new head coach, Seeds thought about musicians who call the state home. Included in this edition of "Nebraska Originals" are bands that were not included in our first playlist and new releases by artists previously included. "Cops" // The… Continue reading


11/20 Spotify Playlist: Season Finale

This might be the end, Husker football fans. Nebraska is 4-7 this season with a possibility of going 4-8 with their game against Iowa on Black Friday. That record would not be good for school to be bowl eligible, so this might be the final Husker football game of 2017. There is also speculation that… Continue reading


11/13 Spotify Playlist: Japan

Seeds Entertainment covered Anime NebrasKon 2017 this past weekend and might have caught a small case of anime fever. To celebrate, here are songs by artists from Japan. "Gimme Chocolate!!" // BABYMETAL This all-female Japanese metal band has gained respect from metal legends Metallica and Slayer. Rob Zombie defended BABYMETAL on Facebook when a user… Continue reading


11/6 Spotify Playlist: Names

One of the best parts of going on vacation is visiting gifts shops and finding your name on trinkets. Coca Cola in recent years also implemented this on their packaging. Unfortunately, not everyone's name will appear on these items. Songs are the same way. Here are songs with people's first names. If your name does… Continue reading


10/30 Spotify Playlist: Spooky Music

October is a countdown to the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. Essentially a month-long holiday, people are dressing up in costumes, eating candy and scaring themselves by going to haunted houses and watching horror films. The songs in this playlist might not necessarily scare anyone, but they are built upon the theme of the… Continue reading


10/23 Spotify Playlist: Transitions

Tree leaves are starting to change color and fall. Nights are starting to grow longer. Temperatures are getting colder. The warm days of summer are starting to become a memory as fall serves as the connector to the cool winter. Here are songs that transition into the next one in the track listing. "Holiday" to… Continue reading


10/18 Spotify Playlist: Short week, short songs

The students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had a few days off this week for fall break. With the school week starting on Wednesday this week, the upcoming weekend is already almost here. To celebrate the short week, here are songs that last less than two minutes. Sometimes, less is more. "Boxcar" // Jawbreaker "It's… Continue reading


10/9 Spotify Playlist: ’90s TV

Nebraska football celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1997 national championship team this past weekend in a game against the Wisconsin Badgers. During the game, a special edition of the "Name That Tune" game featured players from the 1997 team naming songs from the year they played. The 1990s was Nebraska's best decade in football,… Continue reading