10/30 Spotify Playlist: Spooky Music

October is a countdown to the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. Essentially a month-long holiday, people are dressing up in costumes, eating candy and scaring themselves by going to haunted houses and watching horror films. The songs in this playlist might not necessarily scare anyone, but they are built upon the theme of the… Continue reading


10/23 Spotify Playlist: Transitions

Tree leaves are starting to change color and fall. Nights are starting to grow longer. Temperatures are getting colder. The warm days of summer are starting to become a memory as fall serves as the connector to the cool winter. Here are songs that transition into the next one in the track listing. "Holiday" to… Continue reading


10/18 Spotify Playlist: Short week, short songs

The students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had a few days off this week for fall break. With the school week starting on Wednesday this week, the upcoming weekend is already almost here. To celebrate the short week, here are songs that last less than two minutes. Sometimes, less is more. "Boxcar" // Jawbreaker "It's… Continue reading


10/9 Spotify Playlist: ’90s TV

Nebraska football celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1997 national championship team this past weekend in a game against the Wisconsin Badgers. During the game, a special edition of the "Name That Tune" game featured players from the 1997 team naming songs from the year they played. The 1990s was Nebraska's best decade in football,… Continue reading

Sing Street

10/2 Spotify Playlist: Fictional Bands

There are times when fiction is better than reality. Most of these bands were created for films, often having the film revolving around them or being a highlight. Even though these bands aren't real and have actual concerts that can be attended, their merchandise can be bought and their songs can be listened to in… Continue reading


9/25 Spotify Playlist: 2007 Throwback

Today marks ten years since the release of "Halo 3." To celebrate the landmark game's anniversary, here are some of the top 40 hits from The Billboard Hot 100 from this week in 2007. Some of these artists maintained relevancy in 2017 while others burned out, leaving only a memory. Prepare to go on a… Continue reading

9/18 Spotify Playlist: Homecoming

Every school year, there is a week dedicated to alumnus returning to their Alma mater. Former students reunite with old peers and professors while current students enjoy various on-campus activities throughout the week, such as the homecoming parade, football game and jester competition. In honor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's homecoming week, here are songs… Continue reading

9/11 Spotify Playlist: Acoustic

With electric instruments and amplifiers not allowed in dorm rooms, the acoustic guitar  is the popular instrument of choice for college students to bring to campus. A few weeks into the semester and there's a good chance a freshman has played his or her guitar in a commons area to impress peers. It's likely that… Continue reading


9/5 Spotify Playlist: Go Big Red!

Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of college football season. The University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team won its season opener against Arkansas State, a match that got too close in the end. Regardless, a win is a win. To celebrate, here are songs, artists and albums with "red" in the title. Go Big Red!… Continue reading


8/28 Spotify Playlist: Nebraska Originals

Ranging from local bands playing at the bar down the street to multi-platinum selling artists, Nebraska has its share of musical success. Checking out and supporting local music helps artists reach bigger audiences. Here are some of the best music artists from the Cornhusker State. Do you recognize any of the local talent?    … Continue reading