9/11 Spotify Playlist: Acoustic

With electric instruments and amplifiers not allowed in dorm rooms, the acoustic guitar  is the popular instrument of choice for college students to bring to campus. A few weeks into the semester and there's a good chance a freshman has played his or her guitar in a commons area to impress peers. It's likely that… Continue reading


9/5 Spotify Playlist: Go Big Red!

Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of college football season. The University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team won its season opener against Arkansas State, a match that got too close in the end. Regardless, a win is a win. To celebrate, here are songs, artists and albums with "red" in the title. Go Big Red!… Continue reading


8/28 Spotify Playlist: Nebraska Originals

Ranging from local bands playing at the bar down the street to multi-platinum selling artists, Nebraska has its share of musical success. Checking out and supporting local music helps artists reach bigger audiences. Here are some of the best music artists from the Cornhusker State. Do you recognize any of the local talent?    … Continue reading

Back to school

8/21 Spotify Playlist: Back to School

Today marks the start of a new school year. Incoming freshman sit nervously in their 150+ lecture hall classrooms, seniors show up late as they just want to get their degree and professors are internally rehearsing their jokes. The first day is one of big expectations, so here is a playlist that will help ease… Continue reading