nights out

Staff Pick: “Nights Out”

I strongly believe "Nights Out" is some of the best driving music you can play on your car stereo. Released by the English electronic/indie pop band Metronomy in 2008, "Nights Out" never soared to popularity like some of Metronomy's bigger hits like "The Bay," which probably is due to the record's very unique and strange… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Pokémon

Since 1996, video game developer Game Freak has provided fun on-the-go adventures to hundreds of millions of people with their "Pokémon" franchise. With over 300 million copies sold, "Pokémon" is the second-highest selling video game franchise in history. With an expansive world of seven regions filled with over 800 pocket monsters to battle and catch,… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Earthstock

April is one of the greatest months of the year when the blooming season produces beautiful new colors on the landscape, and relieves us from the dreary end of winter. We're lucky that the most fruitful month and season also happens to host Earth Day, which includes a variety of celebrations over the month and… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Saves the Day

2000's rock bands such as Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance would have sounded differently if it weren't for the influence of Saves the Day. The emo/pop punk band from New Jersey combined melancholic lyrics and melodic guitar arrangements with vocalist's Chris Conley's soft, angst-filled voice to create the blueprints for… Continue reading


Staff Pick: “Xavier: Renegade Angel”

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a muscular bird-snake-man hybrid embark on a spiritual journey inside what looks like a PlayStation 2 game, “Xavier: Renegade Angel” is the show for you. This late-2000s Adult Swim series follows the title character Xavier as he wanders the world, attempting to help people and uncover his own mysterious… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Bass Guitar

Often mistaken for an electric guitar, the standard bass guitar has four strings compared to the six on its counterpart. Bass strings are also thicker, giving the instrument a deeper, thicker tone. Bass players are often the butt of rock band jokes, but the bass guitar is the most important instrument as its rhythm forms… Continue reading

the score

Staff Pick: “Atlas”

New York City indie pop band The Score released their debut album “Atlas” on Oct. 13, 2017, and the two-person group has made a defined first impression in the big leagues. Reminiscent of Imagine Dragons and Walk the Moon, The Score’s music is fun and outrageously catchy. The single “Unstoppable” has been heard in popular media such… Continue reading


Staff Pick: “Wild World”

Since their formation in 2010, British indie rock band Bastille has released three mixtapes and two notable albums. Their most recent album, 2016's “Wild World,” is meant to shine a light on society’s relationship with truth and power. The song "The Currents" questions the motives of zealous, nationalistic politicians and reflects the frustrations of populist politics with… Continue reading


Staff Pick: “Vampire Weekend

Recently celebrating it's 10th birthday on Jan. 29, the self-titled debut album for indie rock band Vampire Weekend has some of their best hits. "Mansard Roof" and "Oxford Comma" really set the tone right from the start for the rest of the album, giving off a relaxed and chill vibe. Along with this, "A-Punk" and… Continue reading