A Band Called Hemingway's debut EP, "Carina."

Staff Pick: A Band Called Hemingway

Claiming inspirations from well-known groups such as Relient K and All Time Low, A Band Called Hemingway is an up-and-coming local alternative rock band. The band consists of three members, but has a much larger sound, and are releasing professional sounding and catchy tracks. A Band Called Hemingway’s debut EP “Carina,” released this summer, includes… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Room on Fire

Celebrating its 14th birthday on Oct. 28, The Strokes' "Room on Fire" provides many head-banging tunes for jamming out. "Room on Fire," the second studio album from the New York alternative rock band, is also the band's shortest album, clocking in at just over 33 minutes. Despite the short run-time, "Room on Fire" features some… Continue reading


Staff Picks

Included in the Sept. 21 issue of The DailyER, here are entertainment releases members of the Seeds staff recommend.   Comedian | Demetri Martin By Devin Wiebelhaus, A/V director If you like introspective, stoner-esque humor with a bit of offensiveness thrown in, Demetri Martin is the guy for you. A mix of musical comedy, Louis… Continue reading