Ups and downs of capitalism: Americans should consume cautiously

Story by Corey Oldenhuis| Seeds Entertainment Photo from Google Images When Mick Jagger sarcastically sang, “But he can’t be a man, because doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me,” in 1965’s chart-topping hit “Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” it so accurately summed up the sentiment of rampant consumerism and the covetous nature of capitalism. ‘Keeping up… Continue reading


Staff Picks | March

Deep Elm Records Jacob Fricke Since their founding in 1995, Deep Elm Records has consistently released only the finest music from bands in the emo, indie rock, punk, and post-rock genres. As of this writing, every single one of their releases is available as pay-what-you-want downloads on their bandcamp page. Worthy of special recognition are… Continue reading


It’s okay to be weird: Alternative content in television

By Dylan Kuzelka | Seeds Entertainment Weird? Maybe. Bad? Not necessarily. The influencing decisions on what gets produced for American television is a delicate dance between content quality and profit. Many TV producers it seems, must hate dancing, but you shouldn’t detest the ones who analyze this relation to create innovative content for the mere… Continue reading


Seeds Staff Picks | February

Album | Eject | Cazzette By Patrick Wright I’ve always been a fan of the Swedish DJ duo’s incredible remixes of songs, including songs by The Killers and David Guetta, so it’s no surprise I enjoy their first LP so much. Well-produced with some astoundingly heavy drops while managing to keep a clean sound, the duo’s… Continue reading


Staff Picks – January

  TV Series | Archer By Patrick Wright Very few well established and popular TV shows completely flip major plot points around, but that’s exactly what happened on the new season of Archer, all because program creator Adam Reed got bored. No longer spies at ISIS, Archer and the crew turn to slightly less “legal”… Continue reading


The Best of 2013

The staff of Seeds Entertainment voted on various categories, determining who did it best in 2013, both locally and nationally. [title size="1" style="options: default, sidebar"]Best National Artist[/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]KANYE WEST[/title] Kanye’s presence was unavoidable this year and love him or hate him, he was ubiquitous. Kanye’s personal life, dating a human US… Continue reading