The Best of 2013

The staff of Seeds Entertainment voted on various categories, determining who did it best in 2013, both locally and nationally. [title size="1" style="options: default, sidebar"]Best National Artist[/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]KANYE WEST[/title] Kanye’s presence was unavoidable this year and love him or hate him, he was ubiquitous. Kanye’s personal life, dating a human US… Continue reading


Halloween Staff Picks

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Alien[/title] A wonderful horror movie to get your skin crawling underneath that revealing Halloween costume is Alien. Part science fiction AND part horror, this tale is about a spaceship crew going off the beaten path that is their route back home when a strange beacon is sent from a… Continue reading


Breaking Bad: Forever a Giant in TV History

Let me take you back to summer 2010, when the television show Lost is coming to its climactic and convoluted end. Though I am sure most with a level head would agree that Lost...well...lost its charm shortly after the third season while the masses still wanted and were begging for an end. And an end… Continue reading


Staff Picks! Week of October 15

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Hey! Here are some short and sweet descriptions of some sweet and not-so-short treats. All new and relevant items, all fresh from the Seeds staff. Enjoy![/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]HAIM | Days Are Gone[/title] With the recent releases for Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Chvrches’ The Bones of What… Continue reading


Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Review to Date

[title size="1 to 6" style="options: default, sidebar"]Get information and perspective on the latest episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine here:[/title] [title size="4" style="options: default, sidebar"] "M.E. Time" Episode Review, Oct 8, 2013:[/title] This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “M.E. Time,” ends up pushing the boundaries for network television, as Jake Peralta’s love affair with a medical coroner… Continue reading

agents of SHIELD

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Review to Date

[title size="1" style="options: default, sidebar"]Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered September 24. Check out what Seeds can tell you about it, accompanied by the official trailer for the new Marvel Comics TV show.[/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]"The Asset" Episode Review:[/title] What’s not to like about double agents? The taking of a character you’ve grown to know… Continue reading


Review | Parks & Rec Episode 1: “London Pts 1 & 2”

By Amanda Stoffel The season six premiere of Parks and Rec picked up where season five left off. The hour long episode answered some very important questions while also creating some new ones. The question of Ron’s fatherhood is answered. Yay! Audiences are also introduced to Tom’s “Rent A Swag” competition, conveniently named “Tommy’s Closet”--they… Continue reading


Fall 2013 TV Preview

Take a look at Seeds Entertainment's compilation of this year's Fall TV series premieres. Seeds has broken it all down for you into convenient categories: the best, the good, and the okay-have-your-series-finale-already. [title size="1" style="options: default, sidebar"]Worthy of Watching[/title] [title size="3" style="options: default, sidebar"]Homeland | 'B+'[/title] After having one of the best first seasons in… Continue reading