Lincoln DIO

Do-It-Ourselves Fest preview

In its third and largest year yet, the Do-It-Ourselves fest is this weekend at The BAY (2005 Y street); a welcome increase in facility size from the previously used community SPCE commons. The festival brings together people with a variety of knowledge, skills and passions to lead short and interactive workshops starting Thursday about how to live more sustainably and reclaim services that have modernly been sourced out of our own control, such as changing your own oil or spinning your own yarn for textiles and clothing. The festival also features panel discussions and musical performances in the evenings. Seeds Entertainment picked a few of the workshops we’re most looking forward to this weekend:

DIO Fest 2017

DIY Cooking On the Road (Thursday, 4-5 pm): Stopping at gas stations and fast food restaurants is a cheap and convenient option while on the road, but it is unhealthy for our bodies and wallets. Learn how to cook family recipes on the next big road trip.

EBT accessible plant medicine (Friday, 4:30-5:30 pm): This is one of the niche, intersectional workshops focusing on the knowledge aspect of DIY and how it can lead to sustainable planning. Plant medicine itself is an interesting subject, but to focus specifically on accessible ailments with EBT is going to demonstrate and hopefully further the overall message of DIY.

Bullet journaling (Saturday, 9-10 am): Considered to be a meditative and personal organization system, bullet journaling combines the necessity of using a planner to stay organized with the emotional feedback of a journal. The bullet journal will become your planner, notebook and diary all in one place to provide those moments of personal time that seem rare in our demanding lives.

Guitar & Bass Tone (Saturday, 12:30-1:30 pm): Playing an instrument is not easy and finding a unique style is an advanced skill. This workshop will improve the musicianship of guitarists and bassists struggling to get the best tone out of their instruments and equipment.

Vermicomposting (Sunday, 10-11 am): This workshop will engage participants who are interested in reducing their food waste by learning how to implement a composting project using worms. Small-scale composting projects are becoming much more feasible now, and anyone with a backyard or even a back porch can learn how to reinvest some of their food waste into new plant food.