Lincoln DIO

Do-It-Ourselves Festival brings together Lincoln community from far-and-wide

Do-It-Ourselves festival drew out the DIY community this past weekend with hundreds of people attending the free workshops, panel discussions and musical performances held at The BAY. The bi-annual event saw people return to the Lincoln DIY and music-scene who have moved out of the state, showing the strength in self-sustaining community. The rain on Saturday resulted in a few canceled workshops, but the improvisation did not stop the outdoor musical performances into the night. Seeds Entertainment learned a few skills and saw new musical acts this weekend at Do-It-Ourselves festival.



Zine Making (Friday, 6 pm): With a single sheet of white copy paper, a zine can be created. Zines can be used as instruction manuals, poetry collections, informational pamphlets and many other uses. Zines serve an unlimited purpose. These mini-booklets can be mass produced by using a copying machine, creating a cheap distribution method.



Erased & Inked Out (Friday, 7 pm): A found poem is created by taking a written piece of work and omitting most of the words to create a new meaning. Erasure and ink-out are forms of found poetry in which words are erased by Wite-out and ink, respectively. Participants were given an overview of the poetic forms, followed by making a found poem themselves by ripping out pages of a book and giving the page new context.

The Razors (Saturday, 9 pm): According to their Facebook page, this college-age folk-punk band was formed in 2005 and has been winning the Razor of the Year award ever since (except 2008 and 2012).  The Razors frontman had his glasses slipping off his nose all set long, the only appropriate way to get down to these Talking Heads-influenced tunes. Two guitars are complemented by a small synth and funky saxophone to intersect all notions of gender for this folk/punk/rock band.


Izzy (2)

Izzy Dominguez (Saturday, 10:30 pm): Frontman Israel Cilio returned to Lincoln this weekend to perform as Izzy Dominguez for the first time in almost two years since moving from the state. This stripped-down set featured Cilio on the electric guitar singing beautiful, melodic tunes with just a bass guitar and other handheld instruments to keep the beat. The chilly Saturday evening was the perfect time to gather under the outdoor tent for this intimate, serenading act.


Plastic Garbage

Plastic Garbage (Sunday, 8 pm): This two-piece electronic post-hardcore group from Lincoln, Nebraska provided laughs during their set. With songs such as “sending good vibes your way heart emoji” and the cynical “gonna die,” the crowd laughed as the band screamed and had fun on the stage. There were a few technical difficulties, but Plastic Garbage’s stage banter kept the audience engaged.