Emo Nite bring unity, warmth on winter solstice

Emo Nite, a DJ set featuring pop punk, emo and hardcore music from the 2000’s, made its return to Omaha Dec. 21 at The Waiting Room. Emo Nite, started in Los Angeles in 2014 and now a monthly event there, travels around the world to expand its empire.¬†Unlike Omaha’s first Emo Nite earlier this year in August, this event allowed anyone over 18 to attend instead of 21, bringing in a wider audience.

Around 250 of Nebraska’s misfits showed up in band apparel, piercings and eyeliner to dance and sing along to bands such as My Chemical Romance, blink-182, Simple Plan and Paramore. Walking into The Waiting Room for Emo Nite transported attendees to what 2008 MySpace would be if it were a physical place. There were black and white balloons with “Every Nite Is Emo Nite” and “Sad As F***” on them.

Emo Nite attendees dancing on the stage.
Emo Nite attendees dancing on the stage.

Emo Nite was a party for those who were outcasts growing up, giving them a safe haven to scream about being broken or to jam to catchy tunes of their youth. “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” by Fall Out Boy kicked off the night at 9:30, and everyone moved closer to the stage to dance with one another. People were encouraged to bring the party on the stage, which was full of current and emo kids until around 1 a.m. when “Move Along” by The All-American Rejects closed off the night.

People who attended Emo Nite on Aug. 8 were reunited last Thursday, reliving the soundtrack to their angst-filled youth.

None of the three Emo Nite founders were present the second time around after two of them made an appearance in August. Instead, Omaha concert promoter Austin Gaule served as the main DJ for the night. Social media personality and Omaha native Carly Incontro was in attendance, making a guest appearance to play a DJ set. Near the end of the night, Gaule announced Emo Nite Omaha will be a quarterly event at The Waiting Room in 2018. The next Emo Nite will occur on March 9.



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