Kuklinski: Furries, fine in my book

We all do weird stuff. You might go to the movies alone every once in awhile, talk to yourself, enjoy blink-182. Whatever the case, no one is free from criticism. That being said, wow. Wow oh wow was this panel something.

Serving mostly as a catalyst for furry newcomers, the primary talking points focused around how to build fursuits, which websites and stores to shop at and which materials to invest in. And if you thought this stuff was cheap, nu-uh, no sire. Partial suits alone cost at least $250 to create, if not more, and can take around 55 hours to complete. If you take the option to buy one online, full suits can range from $1500 -$3500.

Despite all the money and work investment, none of it seemed to deter the often vocal crowd of the panel from investing into the culture. The resounding response of “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” with every host’s unveiling of fursuits showed exactly how furries viewed those succeeding in their passion: as artists.

Okay, once you get done rolling your eyes at that, focus ’em right here. “Ahhh, I join in on collectively hating things for no reason because I’m an angry, edgy little shit. Ahhh, woe is me for not wanting to let people enjoy anything ever, ahhh,” yeah yeah, we get it – we all get it.

Now, I understand it’s hard to get over how odd people dressing up as animals are, but they enjoy it so who cares. Hell, all of your favorite children’s shows, all of their mascots, all of the characters you grew up loving, were furries. Bear in the Big Blue House? Furry. Barney? (Technically a-) Furry. So check the condemning judgement. As long as they aren’t giving your dog a red rocket, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.