Lincoln Calling

Artists to catch at Lincoln Calling

In its 14th year, Lincoln Calling music festival is an exceptional event for Lincoln that continues to grow in acts and innovation. The opportunity for Nebraska’s music scene to be showcased alongside national acts makes this local festival so significant, and with 8 venues this year ranging from downtown bars to all-ages spaces, there’s a show for everyone. Organizers Hear Nebraska and The BAY are working to make the most sustainable, inclusive and attended Lincoln Calling experience yet to showcase this happenin’ college town.

Thursday (9/28)

Cayetana – Bourbon Theatre (8:50 – 9:35 pm) by Phil Malzer, staff writer


With a mix of garage pop, emo and attitudes, Cateyana captures feeling of isolation, loneliness, desperation and yet hope in their music. Their 2014 release, “Nervous Like Me,” gives a glimpse of the uncertainty of life with love, life and other things in your younger years. Their newest release, “New Kind of Normal,” only doubles down on those themes, but even when they are dealing with issues of depression,  growing older, or feeling powerless, Cayetana offers a sense of hope in their songs, that even with all the problems we deal with as people, everything will be all right in the end.

Friday (9/29)

Cakes da Killa – The BAY (8:10 – 8:55 pm) by Nick Kuklinski, staff writer

Cakes Da Killa

Performing at The BAY Friday, Cakes da Killa, born Rashard Bradshaw, is set to bring not only his aggressively raunchy style but also his barrier breaking LGBT personality. Discovering his talent for hip-hop as a joke in high school, Cakes da Killa, now 26, started releasing music to SoundCloud in 2011. Since then, he has released four mixtapes, his latest being “Hedonism” in 2016. All of which are stifling with exceptional absurdist lyricism and the backdrop of professionally crisp, yet simple techno beats and heavy bass.


El Ten Eleven – Duffy’s Outdoor (9:30 – 10:30 pm) by Efren Cortez, Seeds Entertainment editor


El Ten Eleven is not your conventional rock band. The experimental instrumental post-rock duo features only a rhythm section and no vocals. Adding an effects pedal and heavy looping, the Los Angeles duo creates a large sound while working with so little. Founded in 2002, Tim Fogarty sets the rhythm with his electric and acoustic drum kits while Kristian Dunn grooves along with either a fretless bass or a guitar/bass doubleneck. With two EPs and six albums in their catalog, their most recent being a 4-song EP titled “Unusual Love” featuring a vocal collaboration with Emile Mosseri, El Ten Eleven is ready to show Lincoln a new way to experience music.


Beach Fossils – Duffy’s Outdoor (11 pm – 12:15 am) by Chris Goering, staff writer

Beach Fossils

In an era mostly defined by hip-hop and pop music, indie bands fly under the radar for most people. Lincoln Calling has proven to showcase the best of up-and-coming indie bands in America. One act to especially pay attention to at the music festival is Beach Fossils. The Brooklyn-based band provides a wide range of musical talent to create a unique, mellow sound for music lovers to enjoy. Their new album “Somersalt,” released earlier this year, brought some of Beach Fossils’ best lyrical songs to the record, flowing extremely well from start to finish. “Be Nothing,” one of the best songs off that album, shows how explosive Beach Fossils really can be in their music. If you’re looking for a band to chill out to, Beach Fossils is definitely a must-listen.

Saturday (9/30)

Future Punx – Bodega’s (1 – 1:45 am) by Kellie Wasikowski, The DailyER editor-in-chief

Future Punx

You won’t want to forget your disco-wrap sunglasses at home for this set! Headlining Bodega’s Alley on Friday night at 1 am, Future Punx will keep festival-goers moving into the morning with their set that sounds like they’re straight out of a literal futuristic punk video game. With influences derived from the Ramones, Devo and Kraftwerk, their latest release “This is Post Wave” (2015) lead them on a European nightclub tour. Their sets are known for dark light shows, so this act will be fun for late-night show goer’s looking to get weird on the dancefloor into the early hours of Saturday.