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“Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat” hosts season finale for full audience at Anime NebrasKon

 Friday night was exciting when the biggest game show of all time, “Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat,” hosted its first season finale at Anime NebrasKon. A panel game show hosted by charismatic Jacob Flax, six lucky contestants took to the Hot Seat with the hopes of winning 1 million Yen.

Out of the completely full room at NebKon, only a few lucky people were chosen to participate in the Midwestern, anime version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Contestants competed against each other to answer questions about the Convention and facts about anime episodes and characters.

Jade Allen was one audience member selected to participate in the hot seat. He said he was chosen by raising his hand the highest and yelling the loudest out of all the crowd to claim the last spot in the “Hot Seat” season finale.

I was really surprised that I was chosen,” Allen said. “I had watched a few videos of previous events and thought it looked pretty crazy. I wasn’t nervous at all, but didn’t know anything about anime.”

Unlike other players Saisuke, Sky and Josh, Allen’s lack of anime knowledge would maybe cost him the game in the later rounds when the questions became more difficult. But unfortunately, his attention span caught up with him too soon over something the host mentioned before the show started.

“How many Yen so far have been given out on the Hot Seat?”

The question worth 2,500 Yen was passed off to Allen by a previous player, and he had no choice but to give an answer. Whether it was his friends distracting him from behind, or his excitement over being in contention for 1 million Yen, Allen spit out the first answer he saw on the screen.

“10,000 Yen,” he said. “Final answer.”

“Alright,” host Flax answered. “Did you have a good time? Unfortunately, you’re out of the Hot Seat.”

Just like that, Allen failed to surpass the 3,000 Yen marker himself after he guessed at the higher number. The shot at winning 1 million Yen to spend on all his friends crumbled right before his eyes.

Despite his loss at the “Hot Seat,” Allen said the experience was great with the full audience.  

My favorite part was seeing so many people come together over a common interest,” Allen said. “They were all totally comfortable being themselves and that’s awesome.”

The winner of the season finale ended up reaching 20,000 Yen and was awarded a $10 giftcard to Right Stuf anime store. “Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat” is just one of many interactive games offered at anime conventions around the country, and is still waiting for the lucky contestant to win 1 million Yen. Catch the NebrasKon episode of “Otaku Millionaire” on their YouTube channel Thanksgiving day.