Playlist: Steezy Listening

This time of year, it’s easy to fall into a mid-semester slump. Coursework begins to fall to the wayside in the wake of winter apathy.  Luckily, there’s a salve for these seasonal doldrums: upbeat, melodic guitar pop. It’s like a warm, energizing alphabet soup, but the only letters are the major chords. Uh, yeah, clumsy metaphors aside, we here at Seeds have compiled our own list of songs to bump when you need a little verve and clarity.

Track 1: Criminal Kids – Literature
Track 2: Yeah, Tonight – Gold-Bears
Track 3: Windy City – People Get Ready
Track 4: So What – AvI Buffalo
Track 5: Kokopelli Face Tattoo – Andrew Jackson Jihad
Track 6: Love Unlimited – Blackbird Blackbird
Track 7: Fire-Eyed Boy – Broken Social Scene
Track 8: Kingdom Come – Vertical Scratchers
Track 9: Haxel Princess – Cherry Glazerr
Track 10: How Long Have You Known – DIIV
Track 11: Killin the Vibe – Ducktails
Track 12: Rough Gem – Islands
Track 13: Bad Thing – King Tuff
Track 14: Not Important – Cloud Nothings
Track 15: Off the Record – My Morning Jacket
Track 16: Jellybones – The Unicorns