Photo taken by Bailey Tamerius

Remo Drive brings unique emo energy of “Greatest Hits” back to Nebraska

Photo taken by Bailey Tamerius
Photo taken by Bailey Tamerius

Minnesota emo band Remo Drive’s first time in Nebraska back in March was to headline one night of the inaugural “House Fest” held in Omaha.  Around that time, the trio released their debut album, “Greatest Hits,” which received positive reviews and helped them land a performance on Audiotree Music. Famed music critic Anthony Fantano, who is often harsh on emo and punk releases, rated “Greatest Hits” a 7 out of 10.

“We’ve been watching Anthony Fantano for about four or five years, so it was surreal to see him review our album, let alone give it a good review,” bassist Stephen Paulson told Seeds Entertainment prior to their set. “We weren’t going for a specific mold when making the album, we just wanted to make what we felt was good.”

When Remo Drive returned to Nebraska to headline a show at Lookout Lounge in Omaha, about 100 people were there in attendance, filling most of the venue. The jumping, shoving and enthusiastic singing along of the crowd made it seem as if there were 1,000 people.

Remo Drive's setlist
Remo Drive’s setlist. “Heart Strings” was played for the encore.

After playing almost all of “Greatest Hits” in its entirety, Remo Drive included a surprise to round out their set. About halfway through the show, the band paid homage to the 2007 video game “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” by covering “When You Were Young” by The Killers. Guitarist and lead vocalist Erik Paulson kept the crowd entertained throughout the set as he played various riffs from the game’s soundtrack.

“I only played ‘Guitar Hero’ because ‘Dance Dance Revolution made me sweaty,” Erik Paulson said. Drummer Sam Mathys joked that Paulson was playing the video game wrong. The cover was followed by a tangent by the band on their not-so-impressive “Guitar Hero” skills, which was sparked when a crowd member asked Remo Drive what their hi-scores in the video game were. The band often interacted with the crowd during their set, creating an intimate experience.

Remo Drive after their show at Lookout Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska. Left to right: Sam Mathys, Erik Paulson, Stephen Paulson
Remo Drive after their show at Lookout Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska. Left to right: Sam Mathys, Erik Paulson, Stephen Paulson

Mathys provided a high-energy performance as the cymbals on his drum kit looked like they would fly off after every hit. The rest of Remo Drive jumped along with the crowd, uniting everyone in the room. The performance of the band’s song “Yer Killin Me” brought the whole crowd to a frenzy that saw some crowd surfing.

Opening for Remo Drive was Lincoln band Salt Creek, Strange Ranger from Oregon, and Diners, a solo act from Arizona whose 1980s outfits and use of a projector that displayed quirky background images proved to be a fan favorite for the show.


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