Special guests “RWBY” bring in strong display of Rooster Teeth fandom

Even if NebrasKon attendees were not familiar with the internet content creation company Rooster Teeth and its animated hit “RWBY,” the fans were highly present at NebKon this past weekend. You couldn’t get far down the main hall without running into a person cosplaying main “RWBY” characters such as Ruby Rose or Yang Xiao Long.

Panels about the show “RWBY” appeared on the program at least once a day, including “Queen of the Castle,” inspired by one character’s iconic line that turned cardboard castle building into a competition, and “RWBY After Dark,” an 18+ panel that discussed popular fan theories and ships.

The most popular panels of the weekend by far were those featuring the guests of honor themselves — the four main actresses of “RWBY.” Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman, Kara Eberle and Lindsay Jones were all in attendance, drawing in an excited crowd from all over the Midwest just to see these four together at a convention. A rare sight outside of Rooster Teeth.

Panels hosted by the “RWBY” voice actresses included Origins of Rooster Teeth, Semblance Siblings, “RWBY” Q&A, and “RWBY” Community. These panels were each packed with lines beginning up to an hour before the doors opened. Dedicated fans stood in the back of the panel rooms for the hour before just so they could see some of their favorite celebrities. Each actress did three autograph signings over the weekend, and these were so popular that Saturday’s line was capped.

Rooster Teeth and it’s animated series “RWBY” displayed a strong community of fandom at Anime NebrasKon. The special guests from “RWBY” this year set the bar high for future celebrities to be brought to this regional convention.