Staff Pick: In Tongues

George Miller released “In Tongues,” his first EP under the name “Joji,” on Nov. 3. This release takes a hard turn from Miller’s previous works under his well-known alias “Pink Guy.” The EP showcases the soft, heartbroken sound previously only heard in the occasional leaked single from Miller. Lo- to mid-fi beats and soft, often forlorn piano blend together perfectly, while Miller’s sampling and haunting tenor-to-falsetto vocals tie everything together, bringing a sound unlike anything in the mainstream.

This heartbroken EP’s sonic mood puts its listeners perfectly in the shoes of the forlorn singer. Miller also has a knack for putting together intricate, detailed soundscapes that hold one’s attention and demand a replay. The last song is named “Worldstar Money (Interlude),” which seems to suggest an impending release of yet more musical gold. Check out “In Tongues” on any major music streaming service.