Staff Pick: Room on Fire

Celebrating its 14th birthday on Oct. 28, The Strokes’ “Room on Fire” provides many head-banging tunes for jamming out. “Room on Fire,” the second studio album from the New York alternative rock band, is also the band’s shortest album, clocking in at just over 33 minutes. Despite the short run-time, “Room on Fire” features some of The Strokes’ best work to date. “Reptilia,” which has the lyric that inspired the album title, is perhaps one of the most popular Strokes songs. The track features amazing guitar riffs and grungy vocals from lead singer Julian Casablancas. Other popular songs from “Room on Fire” include “What Ever Happened,” “12:51” and “Automatic Stop.” If you are looking for an album to rock out to or even serve as background music while studying or working, Room on Fire is definitely a must-listen.