Staff Pick: Wilderado

Los Angeles based band Wilderado, who had the opportunity to open for Judah and the Lion on the first leg of their “Going to Mars Tour,” is definitely one of the better up-and-coming bands in the indie rock scene. Origininaly called Bird Dog, Wilderado showcases a unique tone of calming, yet explosive music on their two EP’s, “Latigo” and “Misty Shrub.” One song that really stands out from their opening set with Judah and the Lion that comes off of “Misty Shrub” is “The Ocean and the Sea.” The song starts off very calm and relaxing, building up to an epic climax two-thirds of the way through the song. For anyone who loves indie rock or just loves a good tune to chill out to while studying or relaxing, Wilderado has a top-notch set for anyone to enjoy.