Staff Picks

Included in the Sept. 21 issue of The DailyER, here are entertainment releases members of the Seeds staff recommend.


Demetri Martin

Comedian | Demetri Martin

By Devin Wiebelhaus, A/V director

If you like introspective, stoner-esque humor with a bit of offensiveness thrown in, Demetri Martin is the guy for you. A mix of musical comedy, Louis C.K.-style observations (without the ten-minute stories) and deadpan one-liners a la Steven Wright, Martin has written for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and a few of his own TV shows and specials. He’s also made the rounds on prime time shows hosted by the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. Martin’s comedy includes observations on silent letters, how we greet each other and how cool it would be if football teams were actually the entities after which they were named. His onstage demeanor is laid back and a little quirky. I personally don’t lean toward jokes told over a guitar, but Martin is the exception. Check him out.



Video Game | “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm”

by Efren Cortez, Seeds Entertainment editor

Set three years prior to the 2015 award-winning episodic game “Life Is Strange,” the prequel “Before the Storm” focuses on fan favorite Chloe Price. Dealing with her father’s death and her best friend moving away, Chloe’s abandonment issues lead her to vandalism and acting out against authority. The first episode starts with 16-year-old Chloe sneaking into a 21+ rock show at an old mill in the middle of nowhere. At the show, Chloe is saved by local sweetheart Rachel Amber. This unlikely friendship will be further explored in the game’s remaining two episodes. With plenty of reoccurring characters, settings and Easter eggs, fans of the original installment should revisit the fictional town of Arcadia Bay.



Album | “Saturation II”

by Chris Brummett, staff writer

“Saturation II” is the second album in a trilogy by Los Angeles-based rap collective BROCKHAMPTON. “Saturation I” featured some nice songs from the self-proclaimed “boy band,” but felt a little shaky in the second half. With “Saturation II,” BROCKHAMPTON really seems to come into its own and is a great album front to back. The group as a whole has been getting more and more buzz recently and was added to Tyler, The Creator’s Flog Gnaw festival lineup. Kevin Abstract and Ameer Vann have been getting the most attention out of anyone in the group, but Merlyn Wood is electric every single time he’s on a track.


Nathan For You

TV Series | “Nathan for You”

By Nolan Cooney, media director

Comedian and business school graduate Nathan Fielder offers ridiculous solutions to struggling small businesses in this absurd send-up of both buzzword-fueled marketing culture and awkward social interactions. Fielder’s unique ideas, including poop-flavored yogurt, a $1 TV guarded by an alligator and a moving service thinly disguised as a new exercise fad, rarely pan out, but this never discourages him from pitching them to surprisingly receptive business owners. The show combines a sharply satirical take on consumerism with an unexpected earnestness toward everyday people struggling to survive in the modern world, making it one of the most hilarious and original shows on television. “Nathan for You’s” fourth season airs Thursdays on Comedy Central.



Album | “Origin of Symmetry”

By Chris Goering, staff writer

Celebrating its 16th birthday this past July, Muse’s second studio album “Origin of Symmetry” provides some of the best music Muse has to offer. “Origin of Symmetry” flows from start to finish, filled with powerful guitar riffs and incredible vocals from lead singer Matt Bellamy. What makes this album stand out to me is that it is unlike most traditional rock albums and innovates in its music style. The album opener “New Born” starts with a soothing piano progression, using an instrument not very common to rock music, especially at the time of the album’s release. On top of this, Muse combines grunge, hard rock and alternative music to create a unique sound not heard on any other album. I would recommend this album to any fans of grunge or rock music, or to anyone who is looking to rock out to some good tunes.