Year in Review: Music

It’s that wonderful time of the year when publications reflect on the past year’s entertainment releases and decide which is the best of the best. Debates on the best albums brought a heated discussion, but members of The DailyER and Seeds Entertainment went through a democratic method and voted for their top five albums of 2017.

1.) DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

When Kendrick Lamar revealed the album art for “DAMN.” in April, rap fans were eager to see how Lamar would follow up 2015’s “To Pimp A Butterfly.” Lamar did not disappoint as his catchy beats, seamless flow and lyrics about destiny soared above fellow rap artists once again. “DNA.” and “HUMBLE.” are standout tracks that remained popular throughout 2017. “DAMN.” reached the top spot on the Billboard 200, went double platinum and is nominated for Album of the Year at the 60th Grammy Awards. Lamar cannot be stopped.

2.) Flower Boy – Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator’s latest album, “Scum F*ck Flower Boy,” takes a turn from the hostile energy and raw feeling of 2015’s “Cherry Bomb.” “Flower Boy” is almost romantic in its feeling, if it weren’t for “Who Dat Boy” and “I Ain’t Got Time!” breaking up the soft flow of the album’s energy. This release is rich with well-known voices like Lil Wayne, fellow Odd Future member Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky and even Jaden Smith. If you overlook the two aforementioned songs, this album is one of the chillest of the year, but leaving them in provides some great bangers.

3.) Saturation II – BROCKHAMPTON

Self-proclaimed boyband BROCKHAMPTON maintained their vigor in the second installment of the “Saturation” trilogy. Blending 90s West Coast beats with contemporary beats, they rap and sing over this unique mix with confidence and ferocity, challenging the definition of masculinity by maintaining these attributes while shamelessly talking about homosexuality and emotional vulnerability. In an industry filled with misogyny and homophobia, the diverse cast of rappers and singers in BROCKHAMPTON are nothing short of pioneers.

4.) Melodrama – Lorde

The long-awaited sophomore album by New Zealand singer Lorde finally arrived in June. Lorde was 20 upon this record’s release, which showcases the talent of those who have been creating music for decades. The pop album has music that is fun to play at a party until the lyrics about heartbreak will have tears running down every partygoer’s face, which is the case with the lead single “Green Light.” The blue on the album cover isn’t just a color, but a feeling felt by Lorde when making the album and listeners going through the bittersweet tracks. “Melodrama” is nominated for Album of the Year at the 60th Grammy Awards.

5.) Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! – Milo

At an intimate performance at the Zoo Bar Dec. 2, hip hop artist Milo controlled the crowd with songs off his newly released fifth studio album, “Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!”. The record reveals the unique place this solo-act has carved out in the rap scene, paying homage to poetic influences of the genre and incorporating ethereal beats in each of the tracks. In the song “Note to Mrs,” Milo pens a devoted letter to his wife, committing “I’ll see you again, don’t stop running if you don’t see me ahead.” Milo’s poetic justice shines in one of his strongest records yet.