Year in Review: Television

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when Seeds looks back on the year’s new releases and ranks the best of the best. Here are the top television choices of 2017, as voted by The DailyER and Seeds Entertainment staff. Feel free to disagree with our choices, your opinion doesn’t matter anyway.

1.) Stranger Things – Season 2

Arguably Netflix’s most popular original series, “Stranger Things” returned on Halloweekend 2017 with “Stranger Things 2.” Introducing deep new characters and locations, this release expanded the “Stranger Things” world while introducing even more mystery. Pacing was an issue at some parts when one or two episodes felt like they took too long to get to the point, and one story arc involving new characters wrapped up too quickly. Complaints aside, season 2 of “Stranger Things” is sure to impress with its character development and relationship dynamics.

2.) Nathan For You – Season 4

Nathan Fielder’s “Nathan For You” returned this fall to help small businesses, and he still manages to impress with his creativity in the fourth season. The first episode is a special where Nathan revisited business owners and other characters from previous seasons, and it only got better from there. This season, Nathan tested the form of his show, producing an episode based on him artificially ensuring that he had a good anecdote to tell on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” To top it all off, the two hour season finale was perhaps the best piece of documentary filmmaking released this year and took the show to new heights. If this is where “Nathan For You” ends for good, it had a pretty impeccable run.

3.) Rick and Morty – Season 3

YES! Pickle Rack! Morty is such a good protagonist and now he’s even an ANTAGONIST?! WHAT?! That crap is freaking CRAZY! I love Doc and Smarty, such a great show, very glad we voted it to be good on rankings! YES! I am so happy now! “Szechuan sauce, Morty!” Frick, that’s so funny! I love it and I love Sick and Darty fans, they’re so collectively funny and good and great! Yes! Best show 2017-204EVER! If you don’t like show good like this an idiot you are! F*** you, this is good show, f*** you! Love Tick and Yardy or die!

4.) Twin Peaks – Season 3

The original “Twin Peaks” was an influential mystery series in the early 1990s, and co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost revived the show for a third season earlier this year on Showtime. But don’t expect any nostalgia here — the new season takes on an unrelentingly dark tone that more closely resembles Lynch’s surreal feature films, especially “Mulholland Drive,” than the campy humor of the original show. Simply put, the 18 hour-long episodes comprise one of the most ambitious and challenging works of film ever created, and the magnum opus of director David Lynch’s storied career. This is a rare opportunity to see a true artist given complete creative freedom on an enormous project, and Lynch absolutely does not disappoint.

5.) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Season 3

Rachel Bloom’s musical-comedy television series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” continued in 2017 with its third season, but Bloom has proven that even in the show’s third year, the audience can still be surprised. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” portrays the difficult topic of mental illness through musical numbers and comedic scenes, so it is certainly a much different watch from your regular cable show. Bloom, the creator and main star of the series, has gone above and beyond in the third season, making this show a must-watch.


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