Lincoln Exposed provides warmth in local music scene

The 13th annual Lincoln Exposed featured over 100 local musical acts at five downtown venues over four nights. Hopping between venues in the snow to catch Lincoln's best musicians brought a warm sense of community. A number of Seeds Entertainment writers widened their music taste this past weekend and discovered new local favorites. Salt Creek… Continue reading

Photograph by Sam Volkmer.

Jens Lehman and the Time Cops: Crafting a unique sound

Every year, hundreds of Lincoln bands and artists spend countless hours in basements and studios preparing for the next gig, the next single or the next album. They're actively creating and contributing to a unique sound and music culture in Lincoln, a scene that is showcased each year at Lincoln Exposed. Lincoln Exposed is an annual wintertime… Continue reading


2/5 Spotify Playlist: Flying Victory

With yesterday's Super Bowl resulting in an Eagles victory, this week's Seeds Entertainment Spotify playlist is featuring artists from Philadelphia. This was the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory, so the city of Philadelphia will be partying for a while. Join in on the celebrating with those in the city of brotherly love. "Gonna Fly Now… Continue reading


CORTEZ: Taylor Williamson waits too long to release highly-anticipated ‘Please Like Me’ comedy special

San Diego comedian Taylor Williamson won over millions of hearts with his geeky appearance and awkward demeanor as the runner-up of "America's Got Talent" in 2013. He even won over German supermodel and "America's Got Talent" judge Heidi Klum, whom he shared an on-screen kiss with during that season's finale. In 2014, Williamson, also known as… Continue reading


Staff Pick: The Whitest Kids U’ Know

“The Whitest Kids U’ Know” was a sketch comedy show that aired from 2007 to 2011. Since then, clips and episodes have been shared on YouTube, allowing the hilarity to live on. Thanks to the creative minds of Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, Timmy Williams, Darren Trumeter and Zach Cregger, viewers can enjoy skits featuring everything from… Continue reading


1/29 Spotify Playlist: Colors

With the winter months full of whites and grays, it's hard to remember that there is so much color in the world. This week's playlist is dedicated to songs with colors in their title and to help remind that spring will be here in time. A Seeds Entertainment playlist featuring songs with "red" was published… Continue reading


Staff Pick: “Psych”

If you're looking for that next show to binge watch during the semester, look no further than "Psych." Starring James Roday and Dulé Hill, "Psych" centers around detective partners, one of which claims to have psychic powers. In reality, he is just very attentive to small details, allowing him to play it off as psychic… Continue reading