In The Whale

In The Whale comes out swinging with upcoming EP and tour

In their seven-year existence, Colorado heavy rock duo In The Whale has toured international, performed at Riot Fest and Lollapalooza and opened for bands such as Jane's Addiction and Descendents. Created by Nate Valdez (guitar, vocals) as a solo project in 2011, Eric Riley (drummer, vocals) joined soon after to form one of Colorado's best… Continue reading


Can’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour: The Final Run

Since 1995, musicians and fans have looked forward to summer for the annual alternative music festival known as Vans Warped Tour. The traveling summer festival attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees each year and is the longest-running North American festival tour to date. Going to Vans Warped Tour is a pilgrimage for music fans and… Continue reading


Nintendo: A story of successful innovation

Nintendo has been a powerhouse in the video game industry since the 1980s and is still growing its empire. Its franchises such as "Pokémon," "Mario," "The Legend of Zelda" and many others have become household names and pop culture icons. With consoles unlike any other on the market, Nintendo has always captured the attention of… Continue reading


UNL Slam Poets: The warrior souls of Nebraska

According to UNL’s slam poetry team, poetry is a person's soul. “It’s getting up there and just talking about feelings you’re supposed to hold back in normal conversation,” said Jax Lindstrom, a sophomore alternate for the team. And they’re an excellent authoritative source for that definition, considering the team competed at the prestigious CUPSI (College Unions… Continue reading


Staff Pick” “Weezer (Blue Album)”

It's my last staff pick ever as a Seeds Entertainment writer, and I saved the best pick for last: Weezer's "Blue Album." Released in 1994, Weezer's debut album has sold over 4 million copies. Often regarded as the best Weezer album, "Blue Album" has plenty of head-banging tunes to rock out to for any occasion.… Continue reading

nights out

Staff Pick: “Nights Out”

I strongly believe "Nights Out" is some of the best driving music you can play on your car stereo. Released by the English electronic/indie pop band Metronomy in 2008, "Nights Out" never soared to popularity like some of Metronomy's bigger hits like "The Bay," which probably is due to the record's very unique and strange… Continue reading


Rooster Teeth celebrates 15 years, looks forward to many more

Throughout the many years of the internet, it's hard to dispute that Austin-based production company Rooster Teeth consistently leads the pack when it comes to innovation, creation and content. While many similar companies have gone under in the past couple of years, such as GameTrailers and SourceFed, Rooster Teeth has not only kept afloat in… Continue reading


Staff Pick: Pokémon

Since 1996, video game developer Game Freak has provided fun on-the-go adventures to hundreds of millions of people with their "Pokémon" franchise. With over 300 million copies sold, "Pokémon" is the second-highest selling video game franchise in history. With an expansive world of seven regions filled with over 800 pocket monsters to battle and catch,… Continue reading