Death Cow: A band to see at Lincoln Exposed

Lincoln Exposed is a huge music festival held in the bars of downtown Lincoln. It will be held from February 6-10 and will showcase more than 100 bands that are all based in the Lincoln or greater Nebraska area. In the 14th annual Lincoln Exposed one of the rocking bands to look out for is… Continue reading

green room

Green Room: How to get your first gig

Writing emails suck, and so does your band when you’re starting out. And playing personal songs in front of a bunch of strangers is terrifying as hell. But if you don’t do any live gigs, are you really a band or just a collection of musicians messing around in a dirty garage? Well dear pupil,… Continue reading



Flags are for more than just identifying friendly ships when you’re out to sea or letting the public know when there’s been another mass shooting. Sometimes flags are just for putting up. And there are some pretty important key features to flags you might want to familiarize yourself with before attempting to so. For instance,… Continue reading


“Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads” Review

French video game developer Dontnod Entertainment surprised the video game industry in 2015 when their episodic graphic adventure game “Life Is Strange” sold over 3 million copies and earned over 75 Game of the Year Awards. In a game where choices matter, the game’s multiple contrasting endings had players wondering if a sequel would be… Continue reading

green room

Green Room: music and how it sleeps with my fear

One shout in a fake frat party made me fall in unapologetic love with music. I was a kid, watching “Animal House” with my older sister. I hid behind the couch during the nudity. We danced to “Shout” played by Otis Day and the Knights. I had experienced the most amazing and unrealistic college party… Continue reading


Staff Pick: “Reviving Bionicle”

When “Bionicle” debuted in 2000, my 4-year-old self was in awe. Throughout elementary and middle school, I collected as many sets as I could and read the books and comics. That came to an end in 2010 when The Lego Company discontinued the line. “Bionicle” was revived in 2015, but canceled again the following year. “Reviving… Continue reading


Seeds Lincoln Calling 2018 coverage

Mad Dog and the 20/20s | by Nick Kuklinski The low turnout to Mad Dog and the 20/20s early 6:30 p.m. set didn’t stop the group from fucking killing it Saturday night. Their high-energy performance was pulsing through the Night Market to the head bobbing of a crowd who sure-as-shit knows Ska isn’t dead. Playing… Continue reading


Omaha becomes Emo Nite hotspot after one year

The Midwest brings a depressing aura to its inhabitants with endless cornfields and gray autumns. Omaha, landlocked in the center of the country, doesn’t have access to the Great Lakes nearby to provide a temporary escape. Omahans Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Tim Kasher (Cursive) had nothing to do but channel their angst into music,… Continue reading